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Citrus Cycling

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August Meeting

Hello Citrus Cycling! We had a great meeting last evening. Present were Brit Cotrell, Jack Anderson, Doug Pitts, Jim McLean, Bertie and Dave Page, John Steelfox, and his son Chris. Great turnout considering the short notice! James Eno was the only worker to show up for the last Mountain bike trail clean up, but he got lots of work done and reports that the trail seems to have a decent amount of traffic. Thanks John!
When the bike club started We bought 10 transponders. If you are not currently using your transponder, please turn it in to the club. This way anyone who needs a transponder for an upcoming event can have one available.
Jim McLean has been very busy working with the Citrus County Visitors Bureau. Now we finally have the first run of the Citrus County Bicycle Map! It is awesome! Only 500 of the maps were printed and many were sent to local bike shops etc. They are free, so check one out and get with Jim or the visitors bureau with suggestion for improvement for the next printing! Jim is also working on a project to tie our bike trails in to kayaking, hiking, and mountain bike trails for an all around resource for adventurers of all types.
Leadership Citrus has approached Citrus Cycling about having a booth at the Women's Health and Fitness Expo at the Armory in Crystal River on Saturday, September 25th. I will be happy to do this if someone will step up and help me.
Doug Pitts says that Citrus Cycling is still on the books to supply manpower for the upcoming Brooksville Race Weekend in October. We will need people to be corner marshals, help with setup and cleanup, and drive wheel vehicles. No one needs to work all day. You can volunteer to drive for one or two races, Just do a morning shift, or come late for cleanup. Please let us know ASAP if you plan on volunteering. We need lots of people, and what a great way to show folks what fun the race scene is!
We learned the sad news that a rider in Jacksonville was badly injured in an altercation at a cycling event. The local folks are looking into putting on an event to help defray expenses for this individual. Citrus Cycling has come forward with a 100.00 donation. Doug will keep us posted with further information.
Citrus Cycling is thinking about putting on an event next year. Any one with ideas can get with the officers and start planning!
Our Citrus Cycling family grieves with Ed Collins in the loss of his father. Mr. Collins was hit by a car while riding his bike in Tampa last week. Our prayers are with Ed and his family.
Brit is putting together an idea for plaques to present to past sponsors as a thank you gift and will keep us posted.
I know these afternoon rides are really hot! If anyone is interested in morning rides, a group meets at Wallace Brooks Park at 8:30 A.M. on Tuesday and Thursday. This ride usually includes either breakfast or lunch, so show up hungry! for more info you can contact Dick Marr @
One more thing, if Cheryl Stephenson or anyone who knows her gets this e-mail please note that Brit has her jersey. that's about it, Bertie

December Meeting

Helo Citrus Cycling! Present at the Dec. 9 meeting were Bertie Page, Brit Cotrell, Jim Mclean, James Eno, Ron Vanpelt, John Steelfox, Hein Debeer, and Jack Anderson. We are now members of the IMBA. the Mountainbike trail now has nearly 4 miles of ride-able trail cut! the trail is still not open to the public, but Members are encouraged to check it out and to also come soon Saturday morning at 8:00 A.M. to do some raking of areas that have already been cut.
More time is needed to decide if we want to go the whole Not for Profit route. Both Brit and I are checking out avenues of assistance etc. We will keep you posted.
Those of you who have been working with particular sponsors and have not yet received funds, need to get that done as we would like to get the order in before the end of the month. Also those who want to order kits need to get busy, time will now be running out.
There were not enough folks at the meeting to have any kind of election or even a nomination, so we will do that at the gathering on Saturday. I promise it will not take over the party. Speaking of parties don't forget, Saturday, 4:00 Jack Andersons house. Bring food to share. Bertie

November Meeting

Hello Citrus Cycling members! I think we hit a record for attendance at last nights meeting. Present were Brit Cotrell, Jim Mclean, John Steelfox, Jack Anderson, Tommy Mason, Tom and Thomas Slaymaker, Gail Lynch, Jim Obedsinskie, Chuck Holstein, Doug Pitts, Bertie Page, and James Eno, a friend of Johns who will be helping with the trail blazing on Saturday. Speaking of trailblazing, don't forget, Saturday at Whispering Pines Park, 8:00 A.M. Bring whatever tools you can. James mentioned there will be a small fourwheeler with a trailer to drag out brush etc. It looks we should have a good turnout.
So far we have 5 potential sponsors, two who are offering 1,000.00! Chuck is figuring out how best to show all of the sponsors on the jersey. The order for the kits will be held off until we get the necessary number of orders. As of now we have until the end of November to get those orders in. The idea of splitting the sponsorship money 80/20 has been nixed. This is a very good example where if you don't like an idea, SPEAK UP! Sponsors will be contacted and asked how their donation should be used.
Jim Mclean has been doing a lot of research on the not -for- profit status of the club. Right now we have that designation with the state. We plan to file with the I.R.S. to attain that status as a federal not-for -profit organization.
John Steelfox and his volunteers collected over $500.00 at the Cooter Festival last month! Way to go John! This money will go toward signage and other needs pertaining to the Mountain Bike trail.
The Family Resource Center collects and fixes up bicycles every year for needy kids as Christmas gifts. Brit has helped with this in the past. A date will be announced soon, if anyone is interested in helping out. We plan to issue a coupon for a free helmet with each bike given away. A helmet fitting will be planned to hand out those helmets right after Christmas.
Thanks to Tom Slaymaker for his legal advice. He was able to clear up a few questions, and offered several much appreciated ideas. It looks like due to restrictions with how money can be disbursed from an non- profit group, the club will start a separate bank account for the designated race funds.
Thanks to Chuck and Doug for their input. Chuck suggested that we advertise the mountainbike trail at the local middle and high schools. He will do some research and offer some specific ideas.
Doug tells us that the Florida Velo race team has contacted him about partnering with Citrus Cycling to sponsor a race next year in the Brooksville area. They are researching routes for a road race and a downtown criterium. Everyone agreed this is a great opportunity for us to gain experience and hopefully put on a race in the Inverness area in the future. This is not just a project for the racers. Lots of help will be needed in the form of wheel truck drivers, corner martials etc. Stay tuned!
If you are interested in discounted bike parts, check out the website on the sponsor link. The company V.C.R.C has asked about sponsoring again next year in the form of discounts on lots of items. Check it out.
Don't forget the Christmas party at Jack Andersons house Dec. 12 at 4:00 P.M. The club will be providing a more relaxed meal of burgers and dogs and drinks. Everyone is asked to bring a side dish or desert. I would like to start collecting a head count, and find out who would like to bring what. I am requesting that Ron VanPelt bring that cheesecake again, YUM! And Carolyne makes great cake, hint, hint.
That's about it for now,


September Meeting

Hello Citrus cycling Members! Present at the meeting were Brit cotrell, Dave and Bertie Page, Hein Debeer, John Steelfox, Ron VanPelt, Jack Anderson, Jim Mclean, and Chris Lloyd. I hope everyone got a chance to see the Club picture in the Chronicle. Jim made copies of it along with the article thanking the sponsors, and sent them out to all the sponsors. Cliff Holstein gets a public thank you since Jim could not find contact info for him Thank you Cliff, The granola bars were a big help in the food department!

Two main topics of conversation were the Mountain bike trail, and the Dwight Fitzgerald Memorial Ride. John Steelfox has put in many hours of hard work to get to this point. He now has a signed contract with the City of Inverness to allow a mountainbike trail to be added to the Whispering Pines Park complex. Hein motioned that we sign the agreement. Brit seconded the motion and all present agreed. In signing on, Citrus Cycling has agreed to provide manpower for construction and maintenance. John is heading up the committee to build signage and a kiosk at the proposed trail head. He has also secured sponsors to pay for the materials. As soon as he has a date set to get started on the work, He will let us know. This will be quite an undertaking, but a lot of fun. Please give John or Brit a call if you can help in any way. John can be reached at 726-8166, and Brit at 1-727-492-0116. And by all means post an E-mail with your ideas, and a show of your support!

Blue Run Bicycles is sponsoring a benefit ride to honor fallen rider Dwight Fitzgerald. Proceeds will benefit the Dunnellon Boys and Girls Club. October 17th is the date. He has done all of the leg work himself. No easy task as we all know. He still could use some volunteers for a sag stop. Maybe someone who did not get a chance to help with the Citrus Cycling Classic would like to step up with an offer to help. And of course the event needs riders! Spread the word!

The club decided by means of a 100% yes vote to Donate $50.00 to have The Citrus Cycling logo added to the t-shirts to be given away at the Dwight Fitzgerald Memorial Ride. The idea of renting a storage facility has been put on the back burner. It just seems like too much money for too little convenience at this time. Jim still has a huge stack of helmets which he will hold on to until we can plan a way to give them away. Any ideas? Post them! Dave and I will be storing the easyups, drink coolers and water bottles.

Thanks to Julie Pitts for the great Gwinett race reports and pictures! All are on the website if anyone is interested. We would like to see more of this type of input. I know we have a few members who compete in triathlons. Let us know how it goes! Speaking of competition, coming up we have Bartow, Clearwater, St. Joe, St Augustine, Sugarloaf, and The State road race. What is the race team doing? Any one interested in more info can log onto click on calendar at the top.

We have cancelled the September 19th picnic at Rainbow River State Park. We have received no feedback on the plan, and realize that the race team would not be able to attend if they are racing that weekend. We instead plan to make the Christmas party a less formal affair by having burgers and dogs and everyone bring a side dish or desert. This plan can be changed if enough people have other ideas. Next meeting is October 1st.

That's about it ,Bertie


August Meeting

Hello Citrus Cycling! Present at the August 5th meeting were Brit Cotrell, Jim Mclean, Bertie Page, Hein Debeer, Chris Lloyd, Jack Anderson, and Gail Lynch. Everyone present provided well received input on what was done right and what could have been done better as far as the benefit ride is concerned. One of the things we heard a lot about from participants was how well the courses were laid out and marked. Thanks again to Doug and Julie for that! Registration went smoothly. Lunch was great, Sags ran out of food sooner than expected and Brit and Rachael had to put in some miles to restock them. Overall, a very succcessful event! We are looking forward to next year. Jim Mclean put a very nice thank you letter in the Chronicle which came out on August 3rd.

     Finances were discussed, and a vote taken to decide what our donation to the Boys and Girls Club would be. Our total gross receipts were 3427.00. Our total expences were 1073.00. The club absorbed the 400.00 cost of water bottles and that put the donation amount rounded out to 2750.00. Hein motioned that 2750.00 should be donated and Brit seconded the motion. All present agreed. We are very proud of this accomplishment as should all of you who volunteered for and rode the event. We have scheduled a picture taking and check presentation event on Thursday, August 13th at 4:30 just before leaving on the Thursday night ride. We would love to have as many Citrus Cycling kits in the picture as possible whether you made it out for the event or not. We will meet in front of the Boys and Girls club building. Gail Lynch will be the photographer. Looking forward to future events, If any one has a favorite charity or group who needs community help we would be glad to put them on a list for consideration. Jack Anderson suggested the Covenant Children's Home for abused, orphaned and neglected children.

     Other items to note are the club has purchased two new easyups and two water coolers which are available for races as well as future events. The club is beginning to have some things that need to be stored. Jims garage is overloaded. If anyone has space in an airconditioned storage unit they would be willing to let us use we would be most appreciative. Our other option is to try to get a storage buiness to donate space, either outright or at a reduced rate. If anyone knows of someone who would be receptive to this idea, please get with Brit.

     We are planning a club picnic at Rainbow Springs Park on September 19th at 1.00 P.M. The Club will provide burgers, dogs, Buns (fresh, not left over), condiments and water. Everyone is asked to bring  any other drinks of choice, (no beer in State parks), and or chips  or other treats. An afternoon of fun and relaxation is just what we all need! 

    Since I had the honor of attending The race held Sunday in Cleremont, I'll give a quick overview. It was actually an omnium with two races held on Saturday, but since we did not participate I'll leave the reporting to someone who did.  Doug, Scott, and Jimmy were there representing Citrus Cycling. Thankfully Doug found a spot in the shade, since I did not bring an easyup! Scott raced at 12:30 and finished valiantly.  He said he was pleased to have beaten a guy who had been on his target list.  Doug and Jim both raced in Cat3 which ran with the Pro 1-2 group. 60 miles of hills and sweat. It was more like a circuit course than a road course. 15- 4mile laps. We had lots of chances to feed water to the guys and we kept real busy. Scott looked out for Doug and I looked out for Jim. Several pro guys got out front of course, but some were reeled back in. In the end Two cat three riders got off with the lead group and Jim attacked on the last hill to the finish to take 3r

The Club would like to extend a special thank you to all our volunteers.  It was a great group of people accomplishing a great thing for the community.  Last but certainly not least, we thank the riders for their participation and donations.

All proceeds raised will benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Citrus County.  Our club is proud to be able to help them with their needs. 

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