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Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area
Water, Farming Systems and Agro-Food Research and Innovation Activities
Deadline: 15 April 2020
Principal Office: International
Grant Amount: 0.00
Applicant: applicant
The Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA) calls for new research and innovation activities in three thematic areas. Projects under thematic area #1 “Water Management” must develop feasible and low cost technologies that can enhance water efficiency at the level of smallholder farms. Projects under thematic area #2 “Farming Systems” should identify and design innovative farming systems that are resilient to climate change. Projects under thematic area #3 “Agro-Food Chain” should develop innovative tools, including but not restricted to multi-technologies and ICT tools (web, apps, mobile devices), to improve the direct contacts between market players and smallholders in rural and underserved regions. Projects under this call can request grants starting from €1 million. Companies/enterprises, non-profit organisations, NGOs, public research organisations, and universities from the following non-EU countries are eligible: Israel, Tunisia, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco. The deadline for pre-proposals is 15 April 2020.
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