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Citrus Cycling

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Why join Citrus Cycling -- Why join a bike club when you can go on free club rides, keep the cue sheets, and do rides on your own? You don't even need a cue sheet for some rides .... just follow the trail .... or maybe a good back roads map will do.

Some of the top reasons are:

  • Meet others who enjoy cycling .... make a new friend ....
  • Learn to be a better bicyclist.
  • Shed the stresses of everyday life (at least for as long as the ride lasts).
  • Become fit .... lose weight .... look like the athlete you've become.
  • Participate in club events.
  • Get a member discounts at local bike shops.
  • Join Jack's Email Group!

Whatever your reason for joining is, your fellow members appreciate the fact that you are one of us. You may be a Casual rider, you may be on the Citrus Cycling Racing Team. Next time, bring a friend along on an easy ride so they too can rediscover the joy of riding a bicycle .... this time as an adult!

Membership Type

Yearly Dues








If you'd rather mail your dues in please download and print the following form...

Click Here for the Membership Form

Note: A Link for Downloading Adobe Reader is provided below.

Club Benefits

  • Group Rides for all Ages and Abilities

  • Special Discount on Club Wear (Jersey's, Shorts etc.)

  • Discounts at local bicycle shops

  • Assistance with training for any cycling related event

  • Improved health and fitness

Club Officers...

Name Phone Email
Cottrell, Brit 1-727-492-0116 President
Page, Bertie   Secretary
deBeer, Hein   Treasurer