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Citrus Cycling

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MTB Team

Trail Blazing

Wow, what a great turnout. We had a great day of trail blazing and were able to cut almost one mile of trail. James brought a bush hog and followed us as we laid out the trail. We cut branches, vines, and stumps. We moved logs and brush. We had 11 people show up and really worked hard. I would like to thank everyone who showed up, it was great to see this project finally get going. I appreicate it alot. The people who showed up were James Eno, Kurt Lynn, Jim Mclean, Berti Page, Pat McDonald, Kevin McDonald, Kevin Mims, Rodger VanDenburg, Thomas Slaymaker, Jack Anderson and myself. I am going to try and set up another work day in two weeks, I'll keep you informed.

Thanks again for those who showed up and hope to see everyone and more next time.

John Steelfox




Trail Layout

Trail layout


Trail Report

Citrus Cycling is proud to announce our involvement with the City of Inverness, establishing a mountain bike trail at Whispering Pines Park! We are very close to getting things started. Anyone interested in helping to cut trails or just riding them to get them packed in can call John Steelfox @ 726-8166 or Britt Cottrell @ 1-727-492-0116 Look for updates soon! This 290-acre park complex, located only minutes from downtown Inverness, FL and nestled among pine and hardwood trees, boasts active recreation in a pristine setting.  Check out their website for park information.

Mountain Bike Race

Hey hey
I won my mtn bike race today up in Winder Ga - Grand Masters Cat 3 - it was a combined Southeastern Regional Championship and Georgia State Championship race. The course was a nice hilly 11 mile loop that was quite fast. Our average for our race was 11.5 which doesn't seem like much compared to the usual road bike race reports but trust me thats fast. I won this one by two minutes and have the lead in the overall for the SERC series. Next week we race in Ducktown Tn. Dana Bland and his wife showed up on Saturday and Dana pre-rode the course with me - it was a blast to have some company and a friendly face around.

Well I redeemed myself for my WEbster debacle (asthma exacerbation secondary to dust inhalation) - won my mtn bike race up in Columbus Ga today by 4 minutes over my huge field of 7 cripple, old and senile riders. A win is a win *LOL*. Actually it was a great course - big ring (yes Britt you are reading correctly I rode in the big ring) course even the climbs. That's 3 wins and one second place so far - on top of the points in the SERC series. Hoping to win the series and one of the the Trek Top Fuel mtn bikes they are giving away. Next weekend is Winder Ga - having a lot of fun riding in so many different places. - Turbo