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Citrus Cycling

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Club or Team?

Road and track cycling has grown up under the control of the Union Cycliste
Internationale (UCI), the world governing body for the sport of cycling.
Essentially, non-professionals (amateurs) ride for clubs, professional
cyclists ride for UCI teams. The UCI only recognizes those teams that are
registered through the UCI. The UCI divides road teams into the following
categories: UCI Women's teams, UCI Continental Teams, UCI Professional
Continental Teams, and UCI Protour Teams. UCI Women's teams and UCI
Continental teams are managed directly by USA Cycling but must be officially
registered with the UCI. UCI Professional Continental Teams and Protour teams are managed directly by the UCI. For more information, please visit the UCI road cycling web site.

In the past, USA Cycling recognized certain trade teams that weren't
recognized by the UCI, but this has changed. In addition, the UCI has
tightened up the enforcement of its own regulations, so it has become much
harder for U.S. teams to become registered with the UCI. To find out how to
become a UCI registered trade team, please call USA Cycling's Technical
Director, Shawn Farrell, at 719-866-3364. There is also a dedicated page on
this website for our UCI teams. Click here to go to our UCI team page.

So where does that leave all the other cycling teams? Well, cycling tradition
says you ride for a club - either a sponsored or an unsponsored club. Many
riders refer to their sponsored club as a team (or segments of their club as
riding on a team). USA Cycling recognizes clubs and teams. If you are not
registered with one, you will see "unattached" status on your license. Your
club administrator(s) may register a sponsor designation for your club (only
one such designation can be attached to a club), which would then appear on
your license. If they don't choose to provide this information, or because
your club has several different teams, each with their own sponsors, you may
see "sponsored club" on your license, which indicates your club's registered
status. It's up to you to provide your sponsor with appropriate recognition by
duly noting your sponsors on your event entry forms.

By the way, only riders who belong to clubs can be sponsored; all others are
considered unattached riders and are supposed to compete in clothing that
doesn't bear any sponsorship identification. If your club isn't sponsored,
then you are supposed to use clothing in USCF permitted events that bears only your club name (or unmarked clothing).

A National Federation (USA Cycling) can establish a tiered club structure and
a method of allowing club participation in events based on that tiered
structure. There currently isn't such a structure in the United States,
although many other UCI affiliated federations use such methods. As a
consequence, you'll find different levels of clubs in many European countries
and your participation in events in those countries may be controlled by your
club membership (France being a good example). USA Cycling designates
categories for events on the National Racing Calendar, as well as Lance
Armstrong Junior Olympic Race Series calendar. This is for purposes of
assigning points for ranking purposes, but it is also essentially the event
categorizing that the UCI uses for establishing event participation.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking originally grew up outside the UCI club/team structure, but
this has now changed and there are UCI-registered mountain bike teams. The UCI requires any and all teams that wish to be included in the UCI mountain bike team rankings to provide the UCI with team registration documentation which includes rider contracts. In addition, NORBA has implemented a team membership that is used for NORBA National Championship Series Team Rankings (pro class only). All other riders can still list their team when entering events, and all teams can register with NORBA (or the UCI).

This Article Published 2004-01-29 12:23:00 For more information contact:

Hopefully that will clear up most misconceptions. I have looked into it and
the annual fee to have an officialy recognized club is $150.00. If we were
sponsored we would be required by USA Cycling to hold at least one permitted
USAC event a year, but it would not need to be anything more than a short time trial if that is what we decided on. Chuck did bring up a neat idea to do a
downtown crit in Inverness and maybe it could coincide with "Cooterfest" and
we could have the first "Cooter Crit". Insurance is available and very
reasonable at $125.00 yearly for $1,000,000.00 coverage.

With the number of competetive riders we are now seeing in our local rides we
estimated 8-12 members would be a reasonable guess. The only real question
would be who is interested enough to help make it happen. While we are all
busy people, if we were to share the load it wouldn't be too bad really.

Thus, I am hoping that we can all get together on Thursday, June 21st
immediately after the ride for refreshments at the picnic tables in front of
the shop to discuss the idea. I will provide a suitable after ride meal for
everyone who wishes to attend but I need ideas for what you would all like and an RSVP would be helpful so I can be sure to have enough.