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Citrus Cycling

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Florida Points Season


The Florida Points season has been fairly successful so far for the
racers on our small team. Here is the breakdown as of 2/12/2008:

Racing Women's Cat 4

Women's CAT4

Jody Alexander, 5th - Archer Time Trial 11th - overall FPS points

Julie Pitts, 10th - Gainesville Crit 13th - Overall FPS points

Women's Cat 4 Team points

Citrus Cycling, Not shown due to unattached status of riders but we would be 5th overall. GOOD JOB you two, the competition has been stiff but we are all proud of your fighting spirit.

Racing men's 55+

Men's 55+

Marty Clemens, 7th - Archer Time Trial (in a VERY competitive group) 13th - overall FPS points

Racing Men's Cat 4

Men's CAT 4

Jimmy Page, 5th - Archer Time Trial 10th - Gainesville Crit 5th - overall FPS points

Doug Pitts, I'm not sure as his results have not been shown for this weekend. I'm thinking one of the transponder numbers on the list was his.

Chuck Holstein, Same as Doug, his results aren't shown but I imagine he scored some points as well. Hopefully both of these will be fixed by Tim Molyneux when he gets their transponder numbers.

Tim, Same as Doug and Chuck, hopefully his result will show after the results are fixed.

Steve Severance, 2nd - Space Coast Velo Time Trial 2nd - Gainesville Time Trial Maybe dead last on Sunday! 3rd - overall FPS points

Men's Cat 4 Team standings

1ST PLACE FPS POINTS! Way to go Citrus Cycling for a great early season. After next Saturday and Sunday we should do even better. I'm really proud to be doing this with all of you.

"When it hurts too bad to continue, push yourself a little harder." - Steve