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Citrus Cycling

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Team Information



Race Report

State Road Race

The 2009 season of racing is now in the record books. The Ocala State Road Race days were brutally hot. We learned just how difficult it is to get the hydration and nutrition just right under these circumstances. Jimmy, Doug and Chuck raced in their respective age groups. The plus 35 an 45 age groups were just about to finish when Jim and I got there. There was a nasty crash in the plus 35 group which left Doug with some road rash and a very sore shoulder. This crash held up the plus 45 group who were coming up just minutes behind the crash site. They had to wait for over 45 minutes for the medics to clear the road. Their race would have finished on that lap, but they ran them around one more time so they could get a clear sprint finish. I haven't found race results posted yet. Jims race started late at around 2:00. He was ok for most of the race, then did an awful lot of work on the last lap, and pullling late in the lap before . He pulled off to take the rear at one point and no one would take the front! They all just pulled off behind him, and then attacked at the top of the hill.He rolled in way behind, a very disapointed guy. Turned out that more than half of his field quit earliler in the race.He ended up with a surprising 3rd place! Sunday was cooler only because they raced earlier in the day. Doug did not race due to his sore shoulder. Jim Raced in Cat 3 with some of his USF teammates. looked good throughout the 50 mile race. Coming up to the finish he was near the front hoping to move up when two or three guys in front of him just sat up an quit pedaling! Naturally scores of people just whipped around the slowed riders and Jim finished somewhere in the pack.Chuck was also in this race but the finish, with one person wrecked accross the line, was so chaotic I have no idea where he placed.Ed Collins raced in Cat 4. He finished within the peloton, with no horror stories to tell. Cliff Holstein and Scott Reinhard raced in the Cat 5 group. We were so tired we did not stay to see their finish.I hope everyone finished safely. Citrus Cycling ended the season in 5th place out of more than 60 registered teams! Congratulations on all the hard work!

Gwinnett Bike Fest

The race on Day One was held on the Road Atlanta track in Braselton, Georgia. It definitely looked strange to see bicycle racing on a track that motorcycles and cars use. I want to start off by saying that racing in Georgia does not include any flat courses. This one was no exception. There were several notable rolling hills throughout the course. Scott's race was first - he was racing the Cat 4/5 Under 35 class. As a beginner racer with just one race under his belt it was not an easy undertaking to be racing with such a strong field. He was able to hold on the first couple of laps and then the field started to slowly shred away with many pulling out and not finishing. Scott came up on a few stragglers but they were not able to hang with him and he kept going. He finished strong and was happy that he got through it. He ended up with 23rd place.

The next race was Doug, Chuck, and Jimmy's with Doug and Chuck competing in the Masters 40+ field and Jimmy competing as a Cat 3. Today's race was combined (scored separately) so you can imagine how large the field was. Early on, there were a few breakaways that were able to stick. Many chase groups tried to form and Jimmy got in one that looked like it might stay away. After a while they were reeled in and the race ended in a field sprint for our Citrus guys. Jimmy got 8th, Doug got 7th, and Chuck got 8th. There were no Women's racing until Day Three, so alas, I did not get to ride on Road Atlanta.

2009 Gwinnett Bike Fest Day 1

2009 Gwinnett Bike Fest Day 2


Hi everyone! Another Webster Roubaix Race is in the history books. It was another dry dusty day this past Saturday. Every rider came off the course completely caked with sweat and dirt(and quite a few with serious road rash), as 2.5 miles of every 9 mile lap took them through loose sand and gravel. While we did not get to see Julie, Chris or Chuck race the dynamic results have them finishing 14th in the 55+ class for Chris Bald, I think 7th for Julie Pitts in the womens 4 race and Doug told us that Crash er' I mean Chuck went down in the deep sand section and dropped on the 5th lap for 33rd. We did get to see Doug and Jimmy race in Cat 3 which ran with the Cat 4 bunch. 74 riders in all! How Doug even raced at all after being sick most of the previous week is a mystery to me. He held on for the entire 105 km cramping badly on the last couple of laps.He finished the whole race. Jimmy Page managed to get in an early break of about 10 riders. The group was whittled down to six riders by the next to last lap.Thank goodness they were close to two minutes ahead of the pack because the front riders came around and only the first four came across with no Jimmy. Then here he came by himself still ahead of what was left of the peleton, 5th overall and 4th in Cat 3. Great job everyone for what is by far the toughest race of the year.

Thats all!

Racing 2008

State Road Races
2008 Race Report

Cat 4 State Championship Team

When the final team results for the 2008 racing season were released, Citrus Cycling was ranked number one in the men's CAT 4 category. Congratulations for a great season and thanks to Jimmie Page, Doug Pitts and Chuck Holstein for propelling the team to it's first top finish.

Racing 2007

Cat 4 State Champion

Steve Severance (TimeTrial)

Two Cat 5 State Champions

Jimmie Page(35&Under)

Dr. Bob Brockett(35&Older)

Citrus Cycling finishing at the top of state events, this is getting to be a habit... First, it's Bob Brocket and Jimmy Page and now Steve Severance. Last Saturday, June 16th in the State Time Trials, Severance took first place in the Cat. 4 category. This little club is putting out some elite riders.  Congratulations, Steve for an outstanding performance.

Current Racing Calendar

The calendar for the next season of races has been released. Some of these are tentative but it gives us a good idea anyway. Also, there is now a Team Time Trial championship as well! Citrus Cycling Team Members could do VERY WELL in Cat 4.
Use the following link to see the calendar on

Racing Calendar

13 Hours of Santos Mountain Bike Race

The 13 Hours of Santos Mountain Bike Race held on Sunday September 2nd - Hein DeBeer competed in the 6 Hour solo division on a fixed gear hard tail moutain bike (just call him iron man) and completed 7 laps placing him in 16th place out of 90 competitors. I (Turbo) competed in the 13 hour team event with three riders from Gainesville who I'd never met nor ridden with before. The team finished 8 laps and finished 13th out of 21 teams in the beginners division with lap times ranging from 42-51minutes. Each lap was 8.5 miles long with one mile of very technical riding. Heins laps ranged from 41 minutes to 53 minutes - very impressive for being out there by himself again on a fixed gear hard tail. The fastest lap times were in the 33minute range by the teams in the Open Money Expert division. As for other local teams the Ocala Bike Shop team finished 2nd in the beginner division while the Santos Bike Shop finished 3rd thus giving the Ocala Bike Shop bragging rights for the bicycle shops in Ocala. . The Ocala Bike Shop also fielded a team in the Coed division and finished 6th.

Crystal River Sprint
Triathlon Series

September 1st, 2007 - Congrats to our club members that competed in the Crystal River Sprint Triathlon Series that finished up this past Saturday. There were 162 competitors for the last race. Dr. Brockett finished 17th overall
Sat.,1st in his age group, and 1st overall for the series in his age group. Thom Neil finished 16th overall, 1st in his age group, and 1st overall for his age group. Berty Page took 2nd in her age group and took 1st in over 40 Female Masters for the series. Jimmy Page finished 6th overall Sat., 2nd in his class, and 1st overall for the series in his class. Francis Endryck finished 7th in the Clydesdale class with
out any training beforehand. Nice results for these guys. Jack Anderson would have taken a podium position in his age group but was nowhere to be found...probably was worried about bumping into a mullet on the swim. Hope I didn't miss anybody. - Dave Page


This year several of our club members are participating in Paris-Brest-Paris. First run in 1891, the 1200-kilometer Paris-Brest-Paris, or "PBP" as it is commonly called, is a grueling test of human endurance and cycling ability. Organized every four years by the host Audax Club Parisien, the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneurs is the oldest bicycling event still run on a regular basis on the open road. Beginning on the southern side of the French capital, it travels west 600 kilometers to the port city of Brest on the Atlantic Ocean and returns along the same route. Today's randonneur cyclists, while no longer riding the primitive machines used a hundred years ago over dirt roads or cobblestones, still have to face up to rough weather, endless hills, and pedaling around the clock. A 90-hour time limit ensures that only the hardiest randonneurs earn the prestigious PBP finisher's medal and have their name entered into the event's "Great Book" along with every other finisher going back to the very first PBP. To become a PBP ancien (or ancienne for the ladies) is to join a very elite group of cyclists who have successfully endured this mighty challenge. No longer a contest for professional racing cyclists (whose entry is now forbidden), PBP evolved into a timed randonnée or brevet for hard-riding amateurs during the middle part of the 20th century. The event is held in August every four years.

The riders from our area to watch include:


The related links include:

Randonneurs USA PBP
PBP Website
PBP TV Website


Two State Champions Cat 5

Jimmie Page(35&Under)

Dr. Bob Brockett(35&Older)

 Saturday June 9th, 2007

 We have got some great news from the racing this weekend. We will be riding in the presence of some greatness in the coming year, but I’ll start at the beginning. On Saturday Doug raced with the Masters 35+ class which was filled with around 20 Pros and multiple Cat 1 & 2 guys. The field was split by a bad crash about ¾ mile before the finish and Doug was caught in the second group but still finished in a VERY respectable 12th place, (I think that’s what he told me but I’m a little senile today so it may have been 11th or 13th). No matter, they averaged over 25mph through lots of hills, wind and heat for 54 miles. Congratulations to Doug!

 Dr. Brockett then went off with the 45+ group which he thought would be filled with old guys who get fat in the winter. Wrong…it also was full of old pros and after a couple laps Doc decided to save himself for later and eased off to finish with the second pack. Still a great ride considering the quality of the field. Again, congrats to the Doc but more on him in a minute.

 We saw Jodie out on course on Saturday but I never could find out if she raced and if so how she did. Jodie, if you read this please fill us in on how it went.

 Sunday dawned HOT and HUMID! I raced the Cat 4 race at 1pm (Who decides to start a race at 1 in the afternoon in mid June in Florida?). We covered 42.6 miles at about 24 mph with what started out as a really large field of around a hundred riders. I was again taught that strength has nothing to do with winning when I was caught out on the finish stretch by the double yellow line rule. I did not cross it and when everyone else did the road was choked and I had no place to go. I finished 31st and very frustrated because I watched the sprint go away and knew I could have out gunned most of what I saw…I should mention that the sprint was for 3rd however. Two guys broke away on lap 3 and rode off the entire field by themselves. Rumor has it they are Cuban nationals who defected and were national champs down there, but USA cycling is making them work their way back up. Shouldn’t take too long the way they rode today.

 My computer showed ridiculous temps coming off the asphalt. During the Cat 4 race the lowest temp was 103f, the average was 109f, and the high was a sweltering 121 degrees! It was not possible to stay hydrated and many fell off and became ill.

 Now for some good news, we were really well represented in the Cat 5 race. Brit Cotrell, Jimmy Page, Dr. Bob Brockett and Chuck Holstein were all in the field. The temps were still horrible as the field rolled off at 3pm. The Cat 5s were split into under 35 & 35 and over. Both fields raced together and they went 6 laps for a total of 31 ½ miles in the heat. Brit attempted to bridge a breakaway on lap 3 or 4 and while he caught them too much gas was used up and he dropped off and the real bummer was that the break was caught by the peloton the next lap. That left us with 3 in the group and as they came around for the final lap everyone was in decent position. On the long downhill finish stretch a pileup happened about 3/10 mile from the finish and when things cleared up and the sprint came into sight we were thrilled to see Brockett and Jimmie come around everyone and fish 1st and 2nd! However, since the Championship was broken down into the age groups that made Jimmie 1st in his age group so we ended up with TWO STATE CHAMPIONS!

 Chuck finished safely in the field after getting very crampy but he did avoid the crash so we all got through the weekend safely.

 Please make sure to give them both along with Doug, Chuck, Brit and Jodie a big pat on the back. The very best in the Sate were all in attendance and we rode with them and came away with some great results and lots of smiles.

 In other news, we have a sponsor for the race team already. The honorable, esteemed, highly regarded, and just plain likeable Dr. Brockett has agreed to sponsor our club. The only stipulation was that he gets to choose the name so prepare to see some “Broke Jaw racing” jerseys soon. The meeting is still on the 21st so lets all plan on a fun evening together. That’s it for now so everyone ride safe and we’ll see you on Tuesday.